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AMARACMAND celebrates th first year of the Sorrivoli Wine farm and Winery:

AMARACMAND celebrates th first year of the Sorrivoli Wine farm and Winery:

🕔May 1, 2014

Back to may 2, 2013, when the newborn company AMARACMAND purchased an old and abandoned wine farm on the his of the wine village of Sorrivoli, much had changed.

It has been such a challenging year and it took plenty work to settle down there, but the potential of a 20 hectares producing 5 different qualities of fine local grapes was too high for missing that chance. In fact, Sorrivoli located in the homeland of the D.O.P. white grapes of “Pagadebit”, and D.O.P. red grapes of all the red wines’ father “Sangiovese”, owns an amazing and varied “terroir” (soil) with underground water sources together with a perfect climate and sun exposure. Last but not least, the property already owned its private and equipped winery, so the grapes would be picked and brewed in few meters.

Nowadays, after restorations and renovations, AMARACMAND is enjoying the first commercial success, thanks to its “pioneer” clients who believe that the company would make the difference amongst the other local wine company.

The choice of our winemaking had been and always will be about brewing our own organic grapes with no chemicals and only natural products, maintaining the warranty of a safe and certified food and beverage production.

Plus, AMARACMAND project will continue with the plantation of new vineyards that will improve the quality and increase the production while making the most of smaller and only already existing abandoned fields, thanks to the best and updated technologies.