Amaracmand Wines



Did you know that?

Serving on your own table a glass or bottle of AMARACMAND ® wine does not only mean tasting an outstanding quality product, organic and allergen-free. It means, above all, savoring the results of whole year of research and the hard and passionate work of the AMARACMAND ® experts and technicians. Together we work respecting the environment and the health of our customers.

Everything starts from an accurate vineyard pruning during the cold season that will not put stress on the plant and will assure a constant and well-balanced fine-quality-grape production.

In order not to vanish the whole winter work, during spring and early summertime plenty of work would be about clearing and thinning the vines from extra leaves and blooms, so as to avoid the formation of bacterias or insect colonies that would damage the harvest and the plants.


This also avoid to limit the number of treatments on plants, even if those products are natural and allowed in organic agriculture. We also do underline that AMARACMAND® does not make use of pesticides, insecticides nor OGM products or plants, as banned from the European agriculture regulations. In short, Organic means harder work on fields but higher value in terms of taste and health.

In the end of summertime, when the grapes are mature and ready to be picked and brewed, they will be collected and brought immediately to our winery, just a few meters away, to start the “vinification”. The “vinification” or winemaking process will last the whole autumn until the first half of the winter. Thence, the wine would be ready to be bottled under vacuum seal but it will take at least one extra month of bottle ripening before launching the product on the market.

AMARACMAND® reminds its customers that no other wine company is being involved in the winemaking process and all the products used in that process are of high quality, natural guaranteed and local. That means that the AMARACMAND® are safe, genuine, and traceable from the fields to the bottle.

Finally, there is no better satisfaction than the one we receive from each customer, who praises our efforts and hard work giving us the strength and the motivation we need to keep “making the difference”.