Amaracmand Wines

About us



AMARACMAND® wine farm was born in Italy in 2013 from the ambitious project of a married couple from the Appennines town of Villagrande di Montecopiolo (PU), Marco Vianello e Tiziana Matteucci, both expert wine lovers.

The project was about giving value and world fame back to ROMAGNA wines.
After a couple of months Marco and Tiziana decided to become wine entrepreneurs with the purchase of an historical and valuable wine farm on the green hills of Sorrivoli, Emilia-Romagna, surrounded by a forest and such an amazing landscape a few kilometers from the Adriatic Riviera of Rimini, Riccione Cesenatico and Ravenna, and a few minutes from the ancient town of Cesena.
It has been immediately a challenging project because that farm, despite its great potential and beauty, had recently closed down due to the economic recession so the infrastructures had to be restored and all the plants and the vine needed to be cured and lifted up from the ground.
While keeping alive its family company philosophy and roots AMARACMAND® opened soon to young wine experts and technicians who had joined the wine farm staff, making the Sorrivoli wine farm reborn possible and real.

Presently, AMARACMAND® is carrying on its ambitious project with the plantation of two new vineyards, planted with a modern concept of respecting the environment while producing higher quality grapes in smaller field, reducing and saving space and land but also avoiding any deforestation nor geological impact.

The first new vineyard, planted in Sorrivoli will produce high quality Sangiovese Superior red organic grapes, also raised in Chianti-shire and in the Bordeaux region in France.
The second new vineyard will bring the AMARACMAND® project back to its birthplace, up on the Appenine mountains in the town of Villagrande di Montecopiolo, located in the Italian region of Marche and, not far from the ancient Montefeltro historical towns and landmarks of San Leo, Urbino but also at the border with the Republic of San Marino.
Villagrande owns one of the Italian closest-to-the-sea ski stations and tracks but noboby before thought to plant a vineyard there at the height of 1000 meters. Inspired to the flowery parfumed sparkling white wines produced on the Italian Alps, the Villagrande vineyard will produce Sauvingnon-blanc, white pinot, and chardonnay grapes that will be blended to make a new white naturally-sparkling aromatic wine coming out in 2017. This will also create new job opportunities for the local community and it could give the opportunity to Villagrande to become a “wine town” as well.

The Brand

“AMARACMAND” comes from common expression used in the dialect from the north east Italian region of Romagna, which literally meaning is “I recommend you to” , and stands for “take care of yourself”. There would be no better name than “AMARACMAND” to remind the roots of this wine farm and its typical and local wine products.

The logo AMARACMAND® includes a draft of a cheerful and colorful grape and the company name written in “liberty style”, as tribute to “Amarcord” movie by film maker Federico Fellini, who pictured the personality and way of life of his own people from Romagna.

AMARACMAND® wine labels are funny, colorful, unconventional but wide, legible and clear at same time, reflecting the way of life and the mentality of the funny, creative but pragmatic people from Romagna region.