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Amaracmand Winery

vino biologico italiano - quality organic wines

The wine farm AMARACMAND® is a new farm, born at Villagrande di Montecopiolo, in the Montefeltro area, by the Mount Carpegna -in the heart of Italy- in 2013.

Together with its own AMARACMAND® Winery, located on the hills of Sorrivoli di Roncofreddo, not far from the town of Cesena (E.-Romagna), AMARACMAND® does produce three wines of the highest quality, of course DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin):


The wine farm AMARACMAND® is future and heritage of a great wine terroir.

AMARACMAND® is respectful of the environment, treating and growing its own vineyards and grapes in natural and organic ways.

Since 2013 AMARACMAND® vineyards are having a series of strict controls with the aim of being granted the European Organic Certification, in accordance with the actual EU rules.

Low quantity, high quality!

AMARACMAND® undertakes to supply Customers with three wines of the highest quality, produced according to innovation, research and respect for tradition and nature at the same time.

AMARACMAND® policy doesn't provide for high quantity but for high quality, to

"drink with style and drink responsibly"